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I have to smile as I look across the room at Brenda — glasses cutely hanging on the end of her nose, eyes fixed on a number of phone calls she’s about to make.  Ya, her work in Our PJ Commute business is all about helping people, in a number of ways.

Better Health and WealthPsst…  I’m hardly the silent partner here.  However, I tend to help in quieter ways, or doing what I do best:   writing plenty and engaging in social media.  (Who really wants to talk with a surly old former hockey coach, anyway?)

“Miss Personality” is how she’s known by many in our neighborhood, or she’s just plain “Smiley” to some.

Personalities aside, though, I’m kinda fascinated by how much Brenda knows about the wellness company we represent.  I mean, If anyone talks to her about a given ailment they might have, I can’t believe how quickly she refers them to the exact right product.  Got some pain in a leg or shoulder?  She has the answer on the tip of her tongue.  Have a skin problem?  It’ll take her a second to produce a remedy.  Come to think of it, I’ve yet to see her stumped — when it comes to the needs of a pet, when it comes to avoiding dangerous chemicals in household and laundry cleaners, and so much more.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that some minor miracles have taken place right here in our house…

Surely a carryover from my days as an athlete, I recently developed a hamstring problem that prevented me from doing many fun things.  I spent about three painful — even sleepless — weeks waiting for Dr Brenda’s cure to arrive, but it only took about three days before the pain disappeared.

Thankfully, that same cure was handy and did the trick last week when I awoke with an awful stiff neck.

Brenda had her own painful woes in an ailment she’d had off and on for years.  Anyone who has ever suffered with sciatic pain knows exactly what she’s gone through.  Worse yet, I’ve known a lot of folks who have resigned themselves to living with the near debilitating pain.  Once again, however, Brenda reached into her bag of tricks, and hasn’t missed one of our daily walks since.

From the time we first arrived in Florida, I’ve suffered with a light rash on my legs that looked worse than it affected me.  Over about three years, I’ve tried everything, and I’ve asked every native and every pest control specialist if they had a clue what it might be — all to no avail.  That said, my rash started disappearing a few weeks ago, or shortly after Brenda started using some chemical-free products she’d ordered from our wellness company.

http://pj-ramblings.blogspot.com/2016/06/our-furry-little-buddies.htmlThe latter story brings me to a failure on our part, though, and something rather sad.  As I’ve written about in several blogs, we recently lost the greatest little pet anyone could ever have.  For sure, our cockapoo, Raggs, was creeping up in age, at over 16-years old.  Still, with all we know now about the chemicals used in our house (and yours), and with the products we now suspect could have helped him, we can only wonder.  As a matter of fact, I can’t imagine raising pets or young children nowadays amid all the dangerous chemicals used in most households.

Now, for all the nice things I’ve said about Brenda so far, she’s sometimes a pain in the butt (LOL).  I mean, I only know all the above stuff because she can’t stop raving to me about this product or that one.  Maybe like the old hockey coach, she believes in what she does, and she loves teaching.  Or, should I say, she loves helping people.

Of course, she only drives me crazy when she can’t be sharing advice with someone else.  Again, she loves what she does, she believes in what she does, and she’s dying to share what she knows with others.  So, touch base with Brenda, and maybe even pick her brain about anything that troubles you.


Be sure to ask Brenda how families can shop wholesale direct for products that are safer for your home and safer for the environment.  Also ask her how it’s possible to save big-time on products that are typically purchased at grocery stores, pharmacies, fitness centers and Walmart.

About Brenda and Dennis

My husband and I are the founders of Better Health and Wealth and our mission is to help people enhance their lives both personally and financially.

I hope you enjoy our website, because this allows us to work completely in the role we are most passionate about – helping others realize their potential and ability to achieve success!  Our focus is to increase the overall health and wealth for everyone who joins our team.

We will personally help you find what you’re looking for in both health and wealth!


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